At PRP we are passionate about health. Without health it is near-impossible to improve sporting performance, lose body fat or achieve many other physical endeavour. That is why our philosophy over the last few years has been;


Build Health, Build Strength, Build Life.


You see you cannot have one without its predecessor. 


That is why all of our products are primarily geared at improving health. Once health improves, performance (be it in sport or in life) will follow. Our range of nutritional supplements are based upon nature - giving the body what it requires from well sourced ingredients.


All of our products are free from chemicals and sweeteners like Acesulfame K, aspartame and sucralose. The quality of the product is put before the taste of the product. This might mean that some of our products do not tastes like a fine wine, but they get results, time and time again.



PRP products are used by some of the top athletes and teams in the UK as well as members of the general public. The feedback we have received has been amazing and the one word we repeatedly hear is RESULTS. Too many nutritional products are bought in the UK, consumed and there is no noticeable difference in the person’s health, wellbeing or sports performance. We are different! PRP products are also in use with members of the public who suffer a number of health issues and who also want better health.


Take a look at what 2012 Olympic Athlete Stuart Stokes had to say about 1 of our products...





PRP products are also in use with members of the public who suffer a number of health issues and who also want better health. The testimonial below is one of many that we get daily;


"For me, Amino Relax has been a life changing supplement. As a sculptor, my work requires mental clarity and long periods of concentration. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sleeping as well and my personal trainer recommended Amino Relax. I slept for 7 hours for the first time in years and woke up the following morning ready to take on the world! Amino relax has now lead me to wake up each morning filled with confidence and self worth, It might sound a little much but it really is true. I am less anxious and my concentration is far sharper.  I can’t recommend this product enough for anyone who needs to improve the quality of their sleep!" Nick Elphick




The making of PRP


In 2009 World reknowned Nutritionist and Strength & Conditioning Coach Phil Richards began applying this experience and knowledge into developing a range of nutritional products that would deliver health and performance to athletes and members of the general public alike. Since then, the range has grown to some 20+ products and is now being shipped worldwide to athletes, teams and clients across the globe. These products have been developed for one thing, RESULTS. Phil has been meticulous in ensuring every single ingredient in every single product is well sourced and is there only to benefit the product, and therefore the athlete.


Phil was and still is a true pioneer in the field of strength, conditioning and nutrition and was the first European strength coach to work at Westside Barbell and become a certified Westside Strength Coach. Phil was also the first European to intern with Charlie Francis, Charles Poliquin and Dr. Eric Serrano.  Phil also has qualifications in nutritional microscopy, clinical nutrition, medical nutrition and a BSc in sports nutrition.


Phil applies this wealth of learning to a no nonsense approach to build health, strength and performance. Throughout Phil's successful career he has worked with and consulted for the 'who's who' in world sport including; Amir Khan (World Champion Boxer), Worcester Warriors, London Harlequins, Wigan Warriors, Hull KR , Leicester Tigers, Worcester County Cricket, Somerset County Cricket, Bolton Wanderers, Glenn Ross (World Masters Strongest Man), Nick Dunn (World Triathlon Champion, Dan Hardy (UFC), Swansea RFC (Now Ospreys), Stuart Stokes (Olympian Steeplechaser) and many, many more. Phil Richards has dedicated his life to finding out exactly what really works in the field of nutrition, strength and conditioning and his track record is undeniable - Phil gets results & still consults to a plethora of professional athletes and teams today.


Phil won multiple league titles in professional rugby at the highest level, he is regarded as the trainer who changed strength, conditioning and nutrition in professional rugby. Phil is one of the very few trainers in the world who has worked with professional athletes in a multitude of different sports all at the very highest level.  Phil is a genuine expert in his field. 


Following his success in sport, Phil has now also written 2 best selling books - The Ultimate Fat Loss Book and The Ultimate Strength & Conditioning Book. These two books have brought together Phil's knowledge and experiences to bring you what has worked for him and what has gotten him results over the years.




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