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The products that we create and supply at PRP get used by some of the top athletes and teams in the UK, as well as members of the general public. The feedback we have received has been amazing and the one word we repeatedly hear is results.

Too many nutritional products are bought in the UK, being consumed and making no noticeable difference in the person’s health, well-being or sports performance, but here at PRP, we are different! All of our products are primarily geared at improving health, reducing excess fat and making your life a great difference. Once health improves, performance (be it in sport or in life) will follow.

Our range of nutritional supplements is based upon nature - giving the body what it requires from well-sourced, high-quality & 100% natural ingredients, without adding unnecessary bulking of artificial colourings, sweeteners or flavourings that majority of other companies do.

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Our wholesale scheme allows you to begin making money straight away with our supplements. PRP products are developed on the principles of improving a person's health so that you can make a difference with your clients, which unlike many other companies, our range can achieve those long-term results.  

If you already or wish to sell supplements direct to the public then becoming one of our wholesaler's could be right for you, as it's a great way to earn an extra bit of income (up to 30% discount) from selling our premium products.

Wholesale Applies To

Only qualified fitness/medical professionals are allowed to sell PRP's products (unlike many other supplement companies, we care who sell our products).


Being a wholesaler with us will bring you not only allow you to provide your clients & customers with a premium sought-after supplement, it will also provide you with a range of benefits that other wholesale opportunities may not offer, some things that are involved with being a wholesaler is listed below:


For the full details of our wholesale agreement, you can read our terms and conditions.



Joining us as a wholesaler couldn't be made easier. If you feel that you fit the specification to become a wholesaler, all you'd need to do is to provide us with some details by filling in a form, this is done by clicking the 'Wholesale Sign Up' button below.
Once you've sent us the information about you and/or business, we will assess whether or not you're suitable for a wholesale account and will get in contact with you within a few days to confirm whether or not you've gained access to a wholesale account.
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If you have any further questions or issues in becoming a wholesaler, then we can discuss this further through our live chat system, our contact form or through our other methods of contact featured below.
Phone: 01639 861593

If you are taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist BEFORE taking vitamins or supplements. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If pregnant or lactating, ALWAYS consult your doctor before use.  Or if you have any queries about any supplement ALWAYS consult a QUALIFIED medical professional. Phil's recommendations are in no way medical advice. They are based on his own personal experiences of working with elite athletes.

Please click here to read our legal disclaimer on all products and advice.


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