The Gut Brain Connection Seminar

27/28th January 2018

What an amazing event it was for the Aliment/PRP team. Thank you for everyone that attended our 'Gut Brain Connection' in Worcester. It was fantasic to meet all of you and we hope you enjoyed it am much as we did.

Keep for up and coming seminars which we will be bringing to you throughout the year!


Seminar Feedback: 

Tim Wright

"What Absolutely fabulous two day seminar !! A weath of expert knowledge shared with the group - how lucky we are ! The fab Aliment PRP team too and some lovely fellow attendees. Joey the parrot in the bar too ..... what more could you ask for !"

Stephen Kirby

"Was a great seminar, the information shared was phenomenal."

Noz Wood

"Another brilliant event. So much great cutting edge information. Id like to say a big thank you to Phil , Nigel and the PRP / Aliment team."


Aliment's Phd Student Studying the Effects of Probiotics During Exercise


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